revised: a life

Now that most of the neighborhood trees have leaves,
there is extra music, percussive, inside the offshore winds.

LOVE IS $, Oakland (October 2021)

Grieve the affects of a closed throat. No sound, only devouring.
Bright—brilliance in its injury. An echo. Observe the moment,
vestigial and temporary as spring’s abridged shadows.

NEVER WORK, Berlin (October 2017)

In the end, it’s only abstraction and phenomenon.
I hope you have choices too. The ability to revise.
That you demand the real, and push beyond memory.
This movement is discretion at its finest.
Refusal, grace and her technicalities, extends perception.
That angle, visceral, is what creates this poetic materiality.
An open prairie, a reservoir, raw mediums of nomadic attention.
This urge is to live my life swollen with blank spaces.

Author: ginger k. hintz

All the suspense of being on your knees, heaven spread.

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