poetics inquiry: Audre Lorde & Berlin

“my steps pursue a poem” / Berlin, Sept 2014

What follows below – and will be reflected in tagged posts – is a poetics inquiry and exploration of the Audre Lorde Archive in Berlin.

Focusing on Audre Lorde’s commitment to organizing around difference, this inquiry also explores Lorde’s articulation of a prefigurative vision of racial justice during her Berlin years. It is an exploration of poetry, resistance, and identity.

The vision is to promote radical racial imaginaries so that we can continue to transform contested territories of difference, decenter whiteness, and broaden our collective racial justice praxis. I believe Lorde’s structural theory of an erotic prefigurative politics of racial justice – which centers queer women of color  – is a graceful transpolitical perspective that can be applied to our practical liberation today.

This personal and poetic exploration of transformative racial justice, by way of studying Lorde’s awareness and commitment to imaginative organizing, is intended to live beyond my interpretations. The creative horizon should be flexible and generative. I want a chain-reaction of artists, writers, readers, and organizers to influence intersectional boundaries of their beloved communities.

As we live within and through racialized cultural moments that beg for elegance and force acknowledgment of complexity, we can do more than imagine political formations. We can proactively invest in visions that break isolation and silence. We can encourage our need to create and shape an epistemology of appreciating difference as expression, strength, and collective power.


A more detailed scope of this inquiry, its goals, and intentions can be found here.

I will be in Berlin Oct 16 through Nov 4, 2017. Updates will be captured on this page and as posts tagged under the category: poetic inquiry. You can also follow daily visual captures here.