photo by edwardatlee

cache culture is an evolving series of poetics inquiries & curation of living in fragmented American cultures.

cache culture is a conscious examination & collision of sublime experiences, some of them literal.

cache culture is a biography of echoes.

cache culture is _________.

cache culture is published weekly & revised at will.



Q/A Poetry Issue #41 | “Dirty Light”

2021 Stephen A DiBiase Poetry Prize finalist | “Processions

The Sketchbook Project | metanoia

Friends of William Stafford Journal (Vol 23, Issue 1.) | ā€œStafford: In Productionā€

Medium | “the drama of redemption” and “Oh God! The Enthusiastic Evangelical Yes!

Bluestockings Magazine | March 2013-July 2014 (a curated review can be found via Bluestockings tag)


cache culture is a member of Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA)


ask me anything: cacheculture@gmail.com


archived posts: January 2005 – December 2015

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