The Last Frontier

According to this, even galaxies practice birth control. Galactic birth control may be due to intense bursts of energy from black holes which heat the surrounding gases preventing condensation – which is how stars are born. Black holes act as “cosmic contraception.” All those innocent baby stars denied their right to life. Operation Rescue is working on a fund raising drive to blast protesters armed with messages of “Save the Stars” posters into the heavens.


My mom used to clean the house of a woman who believed that a cat should have at least seven names. One of the names must remain a secret. Only your cat knows its real name.

Escaping the Inevitable


According to thisĀ death test, I have less than 4% chance of dying in 4 years. In order to take the test you need to be at least 50 years old. I am nearly two decades away from establishing this benchmark. When I do, I hope to still pay my bills, take a shower without issue, and never own a chair heavier than I can lift.