clout farming

Let’s open those neural floodgates. source: unknown

Canaries, the kind designed to warn, died
years ago and the audience pretended
not to hear their zero-sum absence.

Did you see the etched spells
carved into downtown bus windows?
A cluster of worldbuilding signs—
anti-collections of gilded relativity.

It is that time of day. Straight-ahead stare.
The inside lights have been turned on.
Fallow fields lie open, subjugated for influence.

Recently, a bluejay has become a surrogate rooster.
Declaring another day or scouting for tenderness?
Forget-me-nots in bloom, and our heads full-on empty.
A physics of being spooned, jammed, grazed.

Summertime eyes, dry mouth holes, dots to be connected.
Hyperfixation as daydream, musical as chairs.

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