nothing but expression

Full Moon [glitch], October 2020, Oakland, CA

We drown out,
floods of thoughts
and prayers—desperate gasps.


Obsessively tracking
celestial bodies:
full, new, eclipsing.


Making meaning, semantic as memories,
plumbed from cult-like sacrifice
and stolen, inverted landscapes.


This prelude is redemptive work.

clout farming

Let’s open those neural floodgates. source: unknown

Canaries, the kind designed to warn, died
years ago and the audience pretended
not to hear their zero-sum absence.

Did you see the etched spells
carved into downtown bus windows?
A cluster of worldbuilding signs—
anti-collections of gilded relativity.

It is that time of day. Straight-ahead stare.
The inside lights have been turned on.
Fallow fields lie open, subjugated for influence.

Recently, a bluejay has become a surrogate rooster.
Declaring another day or scouting for tenderness?
Forget-me-nots in bloom, and our heads full-on empty.
A physics of being spooned, jammed, grazed.

Summertime eyes, dry mouth holes, dots to be connected.
Hyperfixation as daydream, musical as chairs.

real was the last reality gap

fragments, Los Angeles, July 2018

Blue fading pink light transitions the sun’s nightly disappearance as a star.
Earlier the concentrated sunlight, setting late, hit a distant window—
just right. The bright reflection took shape of an ordinary reminder.
A reminder that temporal sequence as closure is felt, a sense.

What if we are actually expanding instead of contracting?

Hours as measured by:
clouds slipping by
    exhaust pipes
glaciers melting
street pigeon’s stuttered coos
gossip economy news cycles
a flock of geese in V formation
rivers carving out gorges
indigent centers

Can we claim survival as the measured depth of a body of water?

An ending does not always need to follow a chain of events.
Duality alters thresholds, choices, interpretation.
These ongoing attempts become accumulations, layers,
a structure of ongoing being. There’s worship and fetish.
A complete world.

milk teeth

Perhaps I did not succumb to ideology…because I have never seen myself as a spokesman. I am a witness. In the church in which I was raised you were supposed to bear witness to the truth. Now, later on, you wonder what in the world the truth is, but you do know what a lie is.” —James Baldwin interview with Julius Lester, May 1984

Rather Be A Lightning Rod, San Francisco, August 2017

The surge is back.
We are hosts, again.

Feeling nothing but empty.
A physical sensation.

I am left wanting, again.
Never not forgotten urges.

Restraint is an evocative need.
Its own stimulation.

Free will is in the news, again.
When the wave comes, go deep.

Be a seed, insistent as memory.

analog fever


In a Christian context, responsibility of discernment
makes meaning a gambler’s holdout. I mean that literally.
It is the same mechanics when a moment can be a monument,
dramatic affect to overactive nervous systems—tense:
a knowing. Which indicators of such deception are most valid?
The idea is: what you saw isn’t always accurate.
Are we simply machines preprogrammed to make complexity
out of the simplest of ideas, like wanting to be loved
unconditionally and without remorse?