1. the maximum amount that something can contain
2. the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something


Clarice Lispector, from an Interview with Clarice Lispector – São Paulo, 1977

the Midwest anchors to Sunday morning morality pitches
while frozen hams slow cook in roasters or crock-pots
tables are pre-set and ready for Jesus’ spirit to share grace

did I not mention the middle broke wide open?
after graveyards were found beneath children’s playgrounds
those who were most paranoid contested language and grief

birds adjusted their crescendo to the neighborhood noise
maintaining community by adding beauty to the conflict
as gray clouds rose full and heavy from night’s darkness

oh shame, your capacity is not bound by any treaty or confrontation
that’s why working factory walls are painted white on white on white
churning out spirals of soft sounds as redemptive promises aggravate

all these gently held moments are where silence performs
when fascination becomes bound to the collective
or right before we discover ceremony is ours to prove

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