victory formation

June 2014 (photo by Atlee)
June 2014 (photo by Atlee)

“Therefore, dark past,
I’m about to do it.
I’m about to forgive you
for everything.”
— Mary Oliver, from A Settlement


I dedicate myself to uncertainty, the future. This is about feeling brave.


In Berlin, I thought about how far away heaven was. This is about the discovery of forgiveness.


There is not enough ocean to keep me from thinking about you. This is about asking.


I believed you when you told me you were happy, or getting there. This is about desire.


I expanded and shrunk and sustained. This is about keeping myself whole.


"awake" Dec14
“awake” Dec14

Pink kissed hilltops fade into blue. Christmas is officially behind us.

Moose Lodge Dec14
Moose Lodge Dec14

The billboards sold women’s bodies, meat, and church services.

2014 winter solstice eve
2014 winter solstice eve

Roots as deep as family or the way light shines in flat distance frame this story.

"hint" 12-25-14
“hint” 12-25-14

The next phase is philosophical, a confessional epistemology.
Plan your resolutions accordingly.


Wedding rings hang outside car windows left open to let in the warm winter breeze. Expositions of racism flare, burn, and spread. Secrets, held between breaths, were left behind in paid rooms. Stories about love and risk and reward are threads. As William Stafford ends The Way It Is, “You don’t ever let go of the thread.”

Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Breathing in - Breathing out, 1977
Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Breathing in – Breathing out, 1977