This time of year, I think about taking.

San Francisco Jan12
San Francisco Jan 1, 2012

trees & streets
don their lights
sun kisses ocean
transference of energy
there is comfort
in knowing
waves break
they bend
then dissipate

politics of possibility

Is it a crisis or a boring change? – Pavement Gold Soundz

We assume we miss the old ways
pining for what never was
a reward for mythologized feelings
like love or freedom.

We are told memories are perceived
details that can only be validated
by those who were eye witnesses.

We believe apathy invites necessary complications.

Our politics are cultural codes
waiting to be cracked open, to be sold.

original reissue

How did I get here? A place where there is allegedly no there there.

Claremont sofa 2 Nov14
Berkeley Nov14

“No one will answer your prayers until you take off that dress.”
– perfume genius, learning

Claremont hotel Nov14
Berkeley Nov14

Power can be negative or not. You choose.

conflicts of avoidance

The highest point of the bridge
shamelessly exposes itself
to the early morning fog.

Winter is on its way.

We start to confess
how we’ll survive the holidays.
Devising urgent strategies
to avoid memories
that are as traditional
as wanting more
than what you have.

We hold our breath
like blankets in a morning grip.
Yesterday’s news never arrived.
We carry on in spite.

This season’s colors:
yellow sweaters,
peach scarves,
beet colored shoes,
and silver buttons
shining like peacocks.

Letting go becomes a narrative fact;
in this, we take solace
as darkness settles around us.