finding the pace of rest

My horoscope told me to “travel somewhere far enough that the air smells new.”

North Bend, WA 2014
North Bend, WA March14

Which is what I did last week –

North Bend, WA 2014 (selfie)
selfie at North Bend, WA March14

there was also “travel somewhere far enough that the light feels soft”

DMV$EL Oakland March14
DMV$EL Oakland March14

which was where I am now.

Adieu Oakland March14
Adieu Oakland March14


It’s not enough to believe.
How do we prove?
These exchanges
fleeting as tasting my faith on your lips
become testimony
evidence born from revelation:
bending, passing, and breaking
to fit inside what I know.
Speaking with a tongue of transgression
while learning to repress secrets,
a performance of submission,
tactics a result of hearing that
suffering yields eternal reward.


artist: anna gaskell, wonder, 1997
artist: anna gaskell, wonder, 1997

There are men who walk through the Redwoods
wearing slip-on shoes
in case they need to fly to Bermuda.
They are ready to visit their offshore accounts.
Behind glass walls, business moves
from one meeting to another.
The light shines like butter;
the cold air saturated with potential.
My thoughts hover on concepts of pace
[intersections and revolution].
Do you remember asking me
if I liked the style of dress or
how the dress fits the body?
Nostalgia has its own logistics.
If you cut my tongue,
I will still confess
I saw a deer sleeping
inside the Transbay Tube.