artist: alfredo piola, atlas
artist: alfredo piola, atlas

Her fingertips graze the sides of buildings
quiet marks claiming her territory
suggestions of boundaries
constricted territories
a pathology

There is a series of memories filed under trust
under the general category of vulnerability
ways of being
active manifestations
an embodiment

Like water is to wine, it takes faith to expand
beyond perceived limits and social protocols
enduring epiphanic baptisms
charting margins
my testimony


Artist: Larry Towel
Artist: Larry Towel

Last week, I took Saturn to get to work. I was transported through early morning light filtered between fast-moving fog. Patches of light illuminated an awakening city and a groggy thought: having money is relative, class is not.

Lately my days have been consumed with centering my sense of self in a world that does not hear my voice, no matter how loud or assimilated. I seek expressions that are creative, diverse, and evolved – not conditional.

When my mind wanders, it finds you. These willful transactions have underscored learning, consent, and discovery through exploration. I trust this voice; its cadence is drawn from failure.

I know what I want.