Oakland, 2012
Oakland, 2012

Cracked sidewalks produce rhythmic codes
transmitted out and through our heels
worn down by the grooves of daily patterns

There was a phone call, a confession
I realize now how you were trained to respond to me
and paternal pride: you didn’t let that break you

I reminded you that we benefited from food stamps
government cheese, “meat” in a can, powdered milk
these too kept us from breaking

When we think of each other as resources
to mine and extract that which we find valuable
it’s important to think about the manifestation of those scars

Constellations of words, revelations, testimonies
forming their own codes
woven from exaltations delicate as gossamer

to my credit, I did not go down easily

I walked out the door
dressed like a Rothko painting
aware only of my breath
your perception and daily raptures
drawn from sleep’s soft embrace.

We hold self-evident this reality:
empathy and awareness are symbiotic.
Creating community by collecting dissent
binaries marked as final frontiers
unstable boundaries defined within all.

I know why it mattered
when I told you no
when you heard that statement
absorbing the impact of my autonomy
how it illuminated conscious desire.

This quest for clarity engenders
interactions as intimate binding agents
expressions of survival’s promising narrative
buried minutia exhumed as elucidation
knowledge that creates rapt perceptions.

heavy hearts beat soundly

jump on the bandwagon
it means we are winning

artist: Sonia Rentsch
artist: Sonia Rentsch

So much to internalize:
confiscated weaponized tampons at Texas abortion rallies
for some, stand your ground means justified deadly force

As fast as cracks form in the system, they are filled.