reflection is distortion

Deconstruction requires the knowledge of how to construct, he said.
It’s a luxury of thought and abandonment of structure, she thinks.

Artist: Eva Stenram “Drape VII”

He watches her walk and creates fantasies about her wetness
her desires
her ability to make him satisfied.

She walks past a man standing near a garbage can
a simulacrum in a suit
so ordinary he blends into the concrete landscape.

They taste each other’s reflections and speak their feelings.
Intent lies softly inside a chamber of the heart,
a site of metastasis.

We glide past each other
rise with the sun
and settle down together in darkness.

We see what we believe to be true and that feels like success.

active fulfillment

“This is a map drawn from memory of the specular itinerary of exile.”
The Notebook of Uprising, Carolyn Forché


Orange Sweater, Elmer Bischoff
walls of sound

I wanted glittery waves and that feeling of finishing.

The blueberry pancakes were a natural bridge
between what we have battled and what we face today;
a penultimate debauchery for living an authentic life.

Now I think about catching light and moving forward.

battling repression

If I’m honest, I would admit that when the clouds formed ellipses in the sherbet pink sky, I formed a memory of you. Instead, I fill this omission with my own elucidation.

artist: Yangyang Pan, “Sunset”

It’s Sunday, feelings of obfuscation and loss eclipse me.

heads and hearts

Do you think we can be radical anywhere? Even in spaces for the wealthy and in the streets?

I make positive: rejection and collaboration.

There are days where maintaining a perspective feels like a fascist project and other days when fracturing it feels barbaric.

I clear my mind: breath and absence.

artist: Endre Tot (1980)

Our public opinions are manufactured though seductive commentary and brazen keystrokes. What have we done by defining luxury as apathetic austerity? Oh Dakota, I thank you for those experiences to know how this rings true.

Operating from a belief of scarcity those who have – hoard.

The energy needed to perpetuate this obsolete system is fear, for which the supply is abundant. This is the real politics. For evidence, witness the events of dissent whose props were semiautomatic rifles and Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

Violence, blessed state violence, is the conduit for pro-life hypocrisy.