remembering is my favorite sport

“Give me a kiss / show me what I’ve missed” Postal Blowfish, Guided by Voices

I was born into a complex relationship.
There was no choice but to embrace multiple perspectives.

You said truth is an aesthetic and my heart skipped a beat.

Neptune has taken residence in my seventh house. It will be there until I die, and longer. It means boundaries will dissolve – escapism of the best kind. This requires awareness, in all the ways awareness can be interpreted.

My leisure has run away with my intentions.
I am delighted that I cannot control that fact.

blank wave

“Reflect, reflect metal cast” We All, Us Three, Will Ride – Palace Music

I have existed within this latitude and longitude (37.8044° N, 122.2697° W) for almost a year now. It’s time to unpack and pull the threads of the past into our odyssey.

The gravity of this settlement persuades me to acknowledge tension. I surrender to subtlety.

In Keeping Things Whole by Mark Strand, he writes:

“We all have reasons
for moving.
I move
to keep things whole.”

I answer obligatory questions and watch my referents evaporate into confusion. The whiplash from my assumptions generates a spark every time. Those moments are when I am reminded of my capacity to render myself authentically.

This era of blank wave feminism has produced a cacophony of ideologies. From lipstick to victim, we continue to separate ourselves inside self-identified categories. These categories codify and they assist in commodification. I think this evolution is natural – application of theory assumes reification.


Active desire: I’m going to have an Olympic summer.

protest signs are a cultural history of synonyms


There was a protest banner that spread the words, “Castrate the State!;”articles about fetal rights as civil rights; and a revelation about a perceived “intensity gap” in pro-choice institutions.

This was the narrative arc leading up to Mother’s Day 2012.

We are supposed to celebrate those that have participated in accouchement, the standard and narrow definition of mother.

The anti-sex and the pro-parental zealots sound the same to me – both promote progeny.


In this land of homogenous seasons, I am afraid I missed my hibernation cycle.


She told me that I need to understand the difference between worry and disconcert; there was empowerment embedded in that assumption. There is also tension in that settling.