“there’s no guidance when random rules” *

I can tell you all of my sins but I don’t think you have the time nor the capacity. I sin everyday.

What if we walked the streets, unapologetic for being in public, like Camile Paglia tells us to do? Virginie Despentes, in her manifesto King Kong Theory, describes how she saw her rape in a political context after reading a Paglia interview. Paglia argued that the dominant narrative of “the world is a dangerous place, you might get raped” ** keeps women from taking risks. It keeps us from stepping outside and into public spaces practicing our agency.

Despentes writes, “She [Camile Paglia] was inviting girls to look at rape as a risk worth taking if you want to leave the house, an inherent part of being a girl.” It’s controversial but true; risk is subjective like sin or transgressions. It’s taken me years to come to my own plateau where I own the risks I took but I no longer carry the burden of proving that I did not give consent.

When you’ve been baptized ***, you are theoretically reborn. It feels like the epiphany of taking risks.
* “Random Rules” by Silver Jews
** It should be noted that Paglia’s cultural context is the late 60’s. Sadly, the recent slutwalks demonstrate that the narrative of “she asked for it” has not left our lexicon.
*** I’ve yet to deal with the fact I was baptized without my consent. Baby steps…

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