tabula rasa

This is written from the perspective of someone who abstains from being myopic; this is a New Year’s post.

all I want to do is just assess the situation / cultivate alliances, inspect the situation - Polvo

Let us, together, construct a narrative that is genuine and hopeful about this new year.  Could we be, finally, experiencing an emancipation from our millenium hangover? Have we begun to intentionally resist the general malaise towards these engineered wars against terror and occupations? Either way it feels like we have shed something heavy and dark. It feels joyous.

This recent marker of time within this century places us squarely in our tween years. We are awkward and we are starting to demand independence from our modern way of thinking.  Dismantling, transforming, dreaming, and participating in neoteric cultural projects is where we currently stand. But will this new structure be different?

Please, please, please let us be silent long enough to hear the subtle changes. The articulations, the observations, and the voices that lift up authentic, new perspectives will sound dissonant. They will challenge you to feel again. The aggregation of the sounds of this struggle will be the chorus we sing.

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