fight curation

Embodied Resistance, a new anthology edited by Chris Bobel and Samantha Kwan, accurately summarizes “just how complex, contextual, and contingent such [embodied] resistance really is.” Every day we resist and we accommodate. Patriarchy is an efficacious system.

The spectrum of copacetic is endless in a world filled with milquetoasts.

Let us have intentionality “because relations of power are social, it follows that they are constantly under deliberation, a perpetual give-and-take.”

Have you ever heard of a better argument for consent and for stirring up gender trouble?

ciúnas gan uaigneas *

Like silt, it felt settled.

artist: Kirill Kuletski

There’s a lot going on and it may or not be televised. Or rather, it may not be uploaded, downloaded, posted, reposted, not even “hearted.” Are we really aghast that sharing information has become a target to shut down? SOPA is a shiny wedge introduced to shatter our disparate foci.

We’ve learned to virtually organize ourselves and they seek to gaslight us. They will fail because we have learned that we are right, after so much sharing. We must trust our perceptions of our reality.

Newt Leroy Gingrich woke up smiling this morning. It’s likely he felt extra smug about his South Carolina primary victory, despite, or because of, the obvious “news” that he is non-monogamous. All those Southern Christians sizing up Gingrich’s “sin” and wishing they could wear his shoes as they roll over and see their anchored loved ones sleeping next to them.

Your observation that the male gaze is about suffering feels concrete based on somatic evidence. The essentialism of such politics fascinates. Tell me how you resist.

Happy 39th anniversary to Roe v Wade. I can’t wait to see you turn 40!

* Gaelic, “Quietness without loneliness” (Next Stop Wonderland)

the maker’s marks

What are you coming to tell me?
Do not bring me anything that doesn’t have apposite details, please.

We only give the sweetest looks, and we only steal from the greatest books. Just use one sentence and insert your name. We should not be ashamed. – Karate, The Last Wars


Why has the antiquated opinion that contraception is dangerous to society resurfaced?

Because this ersatz politics is simply thinly-veiled misogyny. The purpose of creating this false tension (e.g. women are incapable of making autonomous decisions about their bodies) keeps the discourse noisy, distracting, and catatonic. It’s salacious rhetoric and it sells.

Wake up!

“There are few ways in which a person can exercise more power in a relationship than by consciously playing with it.” [Nomy Lamm, make/shift issue no.10, pg 17]. Lamm was giving advice to someone struggling with a long-term BDSM relationship break-up but the agency translates beyond interpersonal politics. The leverage point in Lamm’s advice is consciousness. To be conscious is to be awake; aware.

This realism can be magical. As William Stafford so eloquently states in A Ritual to Read to Each Other,

“For it is important that awake people be awake,
or a breaking line may discourage them back to
the signals we give–yes or no, or maybe–
should be clear: the darkness around us is deep.”

So if you are unable to see this darkness and translate these critical details, then you do not have my attention. No matter which side you hustle.

“there’s no guidance when random rules” *

I can tell you all of my sins but I don’t think you have the time nor the capacity. I sin everyday.

What if we walked the streets, unapologetic for being in public, like Camile Paglia tells us to do? Virginie Despentes, in her manifesto King Kong Theory, describes how she saw her rape in a political context after reading a Paglia interview. Paglia argued that the dominant narrative of “the world is a dangerous place, you might get raped” ** keeps women from taking risks. It keeps us from stepping outside and into public spaces practicing our agency.

Despentes writes, “She [Camile Paglia] was inviting girls to look at rape as a risk worth taking if you want to leave the house, an inherent part of being a girl.” It’s controversial but true; risk is subjective like sin or transgressions. It’s taken me years to come to my own plateau where I own the risks I took but I no longer carry the burden of proving that I did not give consent.

When you’ve been baptized ***, you are theoretically reborn. It feels like the epiphany of taking risks.
* “Random Rules” by Silver Jews
** It should be noted that Paglia’s cultural context is the late 60’s. Sadly, the recent slutwalks demonstrate that the narrative of “she asked for it” has not left our lexicon.
*** I’ve yet to deal with the fact I was baptized without my consent. Baby steps…

tabula rasa

This is written from the perspective of someone who abstains from being myopic; this is a New Year’s post.

all I want to do is just assess the situation / cultivate alliances, inspect the situation - Polvo

Let us, together, construct a narrative that is genuine and hopeful about this new year.  Could we be, finally, experiencing an emancipation from our millenium hangover? Have we begun to intentionally resist the general malaise towards these engineered wars against terror and occupations? Either way it feels like we have shed something heavy and dark. It feels joyous.

This recent marker of time within this century places us squarely in our tween years. We are awkward and we are starting to demand independence from our modern way of thinking.  Dismantling, transforming, dreaming, and participating in neoteric cultural projects is where we currently stand. But will this new structure be different?

Please, please, please let us be silent long enough to hear the subtle changes. The articulations, the observations, and the voices that lift up authentic, new perspectives will sound dissonant. They will challenge you to feel again. The aggregation of the sounds of this struggle will be the chorus we sing.