artist: Derek Vincent, found: seeing is believing
I’m straddling multiple milieux and not sure where I stand, or where I want to stand. I observe the rich who have crunched numbers and have boldly disclosed their inflated aggregate. You assume you are worth $(x) yet the system has created arbitrary values built on exaggerations that maintain the system you now want to stand against. It’s not about this magical number that puts you within a false dichotomy, it’s about the choices you’ve had access to and the consequences of those (non)decisions on others. It can be seductive to join the chorus and perform survival. Are you prepared for how personal these politics will hopefully become?
The digital divide is wielding an analog medium. The poster and marker are the tools that are dismantling the master’s house. I want to feel the weight of the paper in my hands and experience the conscious deliberation of choosing the right words for such a finite space. What message will I display that identifies, defines, and separates me?
Audre Lorde states, “For the erotic is not a question only of what we do; it is a question of how acutely and fully we can feel in the doing. … In touch with the erotic, I become less willing to accept powerlessness, or those other supplied states of being which are not native to me, such as resignation, despair, self-effacement, depression, self-denial.”

One thought on “spinode

  1. <> When I read Audre Lorde, “The Master’s Tools will never Dismantle the Master’s House” seemed so insightful an aphorism that it became a mantra I have tried to keep in my consciousness at all times. At times I feel that as a metaphor, it may have finite applicability, but it is certainly at all times an aid to critical thinking.

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