Disaster Capitalism: The East faces a pumpkin shortage.

Math matters: A rotation of 180 degrees results in “packaging error” on 1.4 million birth control pills. It’s an interesting angle that having an unintended pregnancy is not “an immediate health issue.”  So decrees the spokesman.

artist: Rob Steel

Other things I learned yesterday:

  • The body is mostly water so choose positive words or phrases to memorialize on yourself.
  • Atlanta has the real housewives scene. Word.
  • South Dakotans are rare and mystical creatures.
  • There is a genre of porn in which women pop balloons between their thighs.
  • Offices at Google let babies roll around between the cubicles.
  • Some believe that clowns should modernize their look.

I was a stranger, an outsider. I adore the experience of observing circles and their connections.

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