Sex Wars

"No smut shop here!!"

I dropped the F bomb (feminism) at work which resulted in some collateral damage of assumptions.  The axiom that feminism was an operating principle was incorrect. I was immediately sanctioned and corralled into the old folks home for such an outdated belief. Ultimately the conversation went down the lonely road of semantics and neatly buried with other land mines I am sure to step on in the future.

Good Vibrations wants to open a store in my neighborhood (see welcome wagon message in photo). It’s a small business not wanted by some who react viscerally to life or pleasure.

SlutWalks are a legitimate strategy of feminist praxis, whether you are comfortable with the word “slut” or not.

We march because we’re all “sluts” in a patriarchal culture that devalues us on the basis of being sexual, or sexualized by others. And hell, I am a sexual being, but from now on I am a sexual being on my own terms. I don’t view the word “slut” as something to take back, but rather, something to vomit onto the streets of New York. As if to say, go ahead, call me a fucking slut. I fucking dare you. … But I have an entire movement, a whole big fucking army of others just like me who aren’t taking your shit anymore.


Disaster Capitalism: The East faces a pumpkin shortage.

Math matters: A rotation of 180 degrees results in “packaging error” on 1.4 million birth control pills. It’s an interesting angle that having an unintended pregnancy is not “an immediate health issue.”  So decrees the spokesman.

artist: Rob Steel

Other things I learned yesterday:

  • The body is mostly water so choose positive words or phrases to memorialize on yourself.
  • Atlanta has the real housewives scene. Word.
  • South Dakotans are rare and mystical creatures.
  • There is a genre of porn in which women pop balloons between their thighs.
  • Offices at Google let babies roll around between the cubicles.
  • Some believe that clowns should modernize their look.

I was a stranger, an outsider. I adore the experience of observing circles and their connections.

Feminist Future

“…a feminist future depends not on erasing or celebrating sexed differences but on producing a collective consciousness that theorizes and acts on social processes and their implications.” – Chris Bobel

New Blood: Third-Wave Feminism and The Politics of Menstruation

Strategic Intervention

Mooncup ad found via re:Cycling

Reading Chris Bobel’s book, New Blood: Third-Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation, has left my nerd whiskers quivering. Bobel states, “Thus, study of menstrual activism yields important insights into the evolution of social movements and feminist epistemology, a system of knowledges in constant flux.”  New Blood is an excellent and thoughtful expose into generational feminist praxis.