practice makes principle

“I was always interested in sex, even as a kid. Sex includes shame and humiliation and fantasies and longing. It’s so dense with the kinds of things I’m interested in.”   — Miranda July

It’s a daily struggle to authentically practice feminist ideals in a culture whose discourses include paternal debates about women’s autonomy of their bodies* and close-minded demands that there is a formulaic way to love another. As Miranda July notes, sexuality embodies a myriad of powerful contradictions.

It’s fascinating to watch constructed private matters exhumed so publicly. The violent rhetoric needed to maintain the facade of control over such matters is obvious. Such porous boundaries are fluid which is why they are so dynamic. Others have written more eloquently (Bordo, Luibheid, Butler, Lorde) about these constructions and how they discipline our practices and influence our longing and fantasies.

This move to another state, a new city, and a deviant version of the same occupation has afforded the possibility to practice these principles in a new way. It’s a privilege I do not take lightly.


* add race, class and sexuality and it gets even more dense

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