mosaic melancholy: a soundtrack

And so it begins, again.

Yet this departure is different. I leave satisfied, (more) complete, and stronger.

Finding a way to translate these past five years is proving difficult. It’s a matter of who and what, and more importantly, how they fit together into some cohesive vision. The fracturing of my experiences was both thrilling and gut wrenching.

I carry with me a mosaic of memories that have become the foundation for my curiosity, exploration, and awakening. There were lessons that challenged assumptions, opportunities to find and use my voice, and the warm realization that autonomy requires an incredible support system.

A “mixed tape” will have to suffice.

As I look forward to the unknown, there is wisdom in my vision, new understanding in my heart, and prolific capacity for constructing my destiny.

Toi et moi – it is the only thing worth living for.


A few random words that I’ve jotted down the past few days because I know my capacity for recall is being reserved for far more important things like connecting dots and planning for success. The illogical and random synergy of these word crumbs are provocative.

In alphabetical order:

  • agape
  • arête
  • le regard [you can learn a lot from gazing]
  • sanitary socks


* (Russian) A person who asks a lot of questions