Bombs burst over Libya.

Gayle comes out of Oprah’s shadow.

Another tattoo identifies me. As the needle entered the “spicy” area of my flesh, I experienced resolution. Clarity was exemplified.

The dynamic static of my actions are not sustainable, not in a culture that lacks fantasy, and not without deliberate praxis. You continue to amaze, define, and challenge me. Invention stretches boundaries. Evolution is non-negotiable. Please don’t mistake my meandering for dilution of desire, in fact it is quite the opposite.

One thought on “polychotomy

  1. Hello –

    can you comment on what you meant by ‘deliberate praxis’ – precisely, whether you were referencing ‘deliberate practice’ or just talking about praxis, deliberately


    – Oliver

    I meant deliberate praxis. I guess I could also have said intentional. — Virginia D

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