A permanent MUM?


Judy Chicago - Red Flag (1971)


Read this interview with Harry Finley, curator of the Museum of Menstruation.

An excerpt from the interview:

On menstruation enthusiasts: “Probably 99 percent of the visitors to the museum were women in pairs, or women accompanied by men. I got the feeling that the men were body guards. Almost never did single women visit the museum. I think they were afraid of what they would find. I can understand that. When I step back and look at it, it is kind of weird. Occasionally a single man would come in and take a look, then hurriedly go out. These are men who are interested in the subject but didn’t want anyone to know they were interested. In a sense, I have functioned as a surrogate for these people.”

If I had the $, I would so make the Museum of Menstruation a permanent public display.  It’s an incredible dedication to the private space, to confessions, to transgressions, to sexuality.

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