waking life

What if you used dream dictionaries to interpret your waking existence?

Yesterday as I walked down tree-lined streets, flares of sun and blue skies filtering casually through brilliant green leaves, I saw hundreds of spiders and all of their webs. Spiders so dense that their webs were inches from each other, like organized gatekeepers. Intricate webs that had been spun in front of large old houses that had sitting porches and rooms where one could imagine thinking grand thoughts.

If this were a dream, what would all those spiders and all those webs signify? What was I supposed to learn from this observation?

These are the most common interpretations from various dream analysis resources:


  • entanglement
  • deceit, lies
  • I’ve been ignoring my creative impulses
  • I’m walking a fine line and/or in need of more balance
  • feeling like an outsider


  • growing self-awareness
  • creativity and inspiration are in front of me
  • feelings of completeness
  • confrontation of my fears
  • I need to take charge of my future destiny
  • webs symbolize that I am the creator of my reality

I think the distinctions between the positive and negative interpretations are thin, like a spider’s web that you accidentally walk into. And maybe because I saw so many symbols, it has to be a fusion of all of the above. ┬áI can see them all laid out before me, intricately woven into what is my current waking existence.


summer (photo by me)

Anticipation, trepidation, and a little joy – all the complicated feelings of going home.

It’s been over a year since I last visited the prairie.

Much has changed: the Iraq war is over.