Le Corbusier II, Ofer Wolberger

Practicing what you preach is hard. That’s why most people end up preaching.

Life With Maggie by Ofer Wolberger effectively conveys that feeling of  living a life in which you mask yourself, not for any sinister reason but rather that just seems to be the status quo of our oppressive culture. Wolberger’s images are innocent yet curious. They reflect a hyperreality.

It’s been a week of exhilarating explorations. There is a wide gap between implementation and theory but that’s the fun and messy dance of exploring. The moment you realize that you don’t need to wear a mask is the moment when you know you’ve stumbled upon something really amazing. You’ve discovered new terrain and despite the risks, you bravely forge ahead. I can always put my disguise back on but it’s easier to breathe without it.

We may just be pixels but keeping a sharp focus will make this expedition a revolution.


It’s a good thing I’m on birth control. Apparently it’s making my gray matter grow which has definitely enhanced my awkward social skills but alas, it has not improved the memory recall.

color and satellites

Railroad workers, 1943, Iowa (photo by Jack Delano)

Bound for Glory: America in Color is an amazing color photo archive of Americans from the Great Depression. Bound for Glory contains some of the only known color photographs taken during this era. They are beautiful. There is dancing, sleeping, learning, eating, working, and amazing blue skies. And no plastic.

It reminds me of my childhood. It was a childhood of sparse landscapes, hard work, dynamic adult dinner table conversations, and frequent moving to new desolate locations. It was a life lived in the middle of nowhere; nothing but your imagination to keep you from accepting the reality around you. I managed to transcend the endless boundaries before me.  Now I’m able to orbit other spaces and places while occasionally transmitting new data to those left behind. I am a satellite and looking for other astronauts.

day business or running money

artist: gilles krivich, found via hard feelings blog

A few things I learned yesterday:

1. crows have memories that last forever so be nice them

2. interactions with young, like 13 years old, boys are beautifully brave

3.  when analyzing information, look beyond the obvious and start there

4.  finding oneself in spaces where you can literally feel a tension or dynamic should be internalized and remembered like a crow

5. there is nothing better in this world than a west coast sunset