pattern recognition

she always gives this look; love or melancholy?
urban forest sun breaks
extreme modesty

week in recap:

A dream of violence against a midget who was after my box of pastries; translation: feelings of insignificance with fantasized empowerment.

Wealth and parody walk a fine line. Attending a day long meeting whose purpose was to inspire and champion the cause is exponentially more difficult to engage in as I learn more about philanthropy, funders, social justice, and nonprofits.  Peacocking wealth in a fabricated slum hut was probably the worst part of the spectacle followed closely by a professionally produced montage of employees set to the song, “Proud” (aka the Biggest Loser theme song). I was the only one in the crowd who understood the tragic irony.

Random street encounter results in confessions that were bold but true.

Cocooning can mean ready to pounce.

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