You know you’ve had an interesting week when you start and end with two profound comments about assholes.

The beginning of week started with a conversation about life’s eternal struggle – finding a job that satisfies.

One person’s perspective on the dream job:

  • work on projects you love
  • avoid assholes
  • get paid enough to travel to far off lands


The end of the week was enlightened by a Kiki Smith lecture.  A lecture of casual f-bombs (feminism), deconstruction, self-determination, changing forms (drops: blood to rain to milk), animal hair, fighting like hell to not be culturally owned, flipping meaning, and embracing then utilizing contradictions. Kiki Smith called herself a “self-righteous asshole.” She was irreverent and brilliant.


Strengthening the power of interpretation, having the courage to envision, and demanding to be dynamic in a static culture, these are a few things on my to-do list.

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