Loving the Straight Line

“Paintings speak for themselves,” said Carmen Herrera. Geometry and color have been the head and the heart of her work, she added, describing a lifelong quest to pare down her paintings to their essence, like visual haiku. Shown here, “Blanco y Verde” (1966), a canvas of white interrupted by an inverted green triangle.

Margaret Kilgallen said, “I like things that are handmade, and I like to see people’s hand in the world, anywhere in the world; it doesn’t matter to me where it is. And in my own work, I do everything by hand. I don’t project or use anything [mechanical], because even though I do spend a lot of time trying to perfect my line work and my hand, my hand will always be imperfect because it’s human. And I think it’s the part that’s that’s interesting…that’s where the beauty is.

{five years, one hundred seventy five posts later}

Abortion is a Fundamental Human Right

Excellent article on why compromising on abortion is not an option.

“Most importantly, the repeal of the Hyde Amendment must become the number one priority of the prochoice movement and an explicit goal of the larger women’s movement. Much has been written about both movements’ need to indentify more strongly with low-income women and to frame issues of reproduction in the context of social justice and well as human rights. The restoration of funding for abortion as well as a commitment to ensuring that no woman has to choose abortion for solely economic reasons could help build the base of support needed to save legal abortion in the United States.”