Le River Rouge

The film, Zach Johnson, has been referenced here and here. Having men menstruate, or have symptoms of menstruation, has been done before. See video below:

Zach Johnson is a precocious boy who loses his penis and gains a vagina. Zach learns that boys are pigs, baking alleviates PMS, and wiki will shed light on things you can’t discuss with others. Despite its charms (the red river defined as masculine) this narrative is not transformative because the same tired cliches (i.e. fear of all things white) about menstruation are still there – being a girl sucks because you bleed.

I can’t help thinking about the Heaven’s to Betsy song, My Red Self, in which the lyrics scream:

“Is this the rag you use to humiliate me, cuz I was born, I was born a girl?”

This viral ad campaign is about selling tampons. Period.

The last entry of Zach’s blog, ends with the plea, ” Guys, you need to get your period. And you need to get it now.”

And you better use Tampax, please.

And don’t get pregnant, heaven forbid.

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