Understand Thy Enemy

Hilary Clinton elevates women’s issues on her recent trip to Africa so says today’s Washington Post article entitled, “Clinton Puts Spotlight On Women’s Issues“.
But according to the white male above, “It’s great she’s mentioning the issue,” said Brett Schaefer, an Africa scholar at the Heritage Foundation. “As to whether her bringing it up will substantially improve the situation or treatment of women in Africa, frankly I doubt it.”

(emphasis mine)


Dear Brett:

It’s fascinating to me that you can discount both women’s issues and Africa’s agency in the same breath. It must be due to your pale, privileged male skin. It makes you uniquely positioned to be an expert in things that you read about in books and conduct meetings on.

Let me be the first to tell you that you’re wrong. Your first mistake was underestimating the power of exhuming the obvious. By elevating the fact that women are oppressed and the fact that they are more than capable of improving their lives, Hilary may very well substantially improve the lives of women.

Best of luck on your dark and narrow future,
V. Dare

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