A Good Old Fashioned Capitalist Debate

I agree with Sarah. “End AIDS with your c(RED)it card” marketing campaign is dirty.

Selling products with an added “bonus” of social change is nothing more than money in the bank for the companies peddling their trinkets. It simply creates a false warm fuzzy that the pennies reserved for change will in fact change something. It solves nothing. It changes nothing. Manufacturing a desire for social change is nothing new. It’s comparable to the oil soaked ducks being saved by Dawn dish soap.

Some argue that any money gathered is worth the risk of bloating the megacorps profit margins. It’s trickle up philanthropy.

Can we access a database that shows where and how the money is spent? Is there a place to check in once in a while and assess that, in fact, our purchase has saved a life? Maybe that’s the next level of marketing?

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