Diamond Anniversary

Happy 75th Anniversary to the tampon!

On November 19th, 1931 (only one month after Thomas Edison died) either Dr. Earle C. Haas or Dr. Philip Harville submitted a patent for an “invisible” device that once inserted into a woman’s body, collected her menstrual blood. A little device called a tampon.

Whoever submitted the patent did so with the explicit notion that women should not have to touch themselves while inserting said devise. Despite its initial association with destroying women’s lives (rupturing sacred hymens did not help its initial sales), tampons were considered a convenient revolution. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the general public shed the illogical belief that a tampon was synonymous with a dildo.

With menstruation becoming obsolete will the tampon remain revolutionary?

One thought on “Diamond Anniversary

  1. i dont think the tampon will remain revolutionary, and it is definitely a thing of the dark ages since popular science is removing the “bane” of the period from our lives. for us keeper users the tampon is a sorry excuse for that piece of latex we love 🙂

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