Population Control

According to this article, Europe’s “population problem” is directly related to legalized abortion. According to Jitka Rychtarikova, a demographics professor, “abortion has turned childbearing into a choice rather than an act of nature.” (a bumper sticker slogan!)

Low birth rates coupled with legalized abortion is a recipe for cultural chaos and economic disaster. The average European woman currently produces 1.3 children. A number some claim is too low to sustain the population.

Low birth rates have also been linked to women having children later in life due to lack of quality maternity leave. Women often make the “choice” regarding the number of children they can care for and their careers (or lack of).

The US ranks near the bottom of industrialized nations when it comes to adequate maternity leave and affordable day care. And with the shell of what constitutes “legal abortion,” the US growth rate is approximately 2.13%. Using the same narrow sighted argument, the US also has a “population problem.”

It’s a good thing we’ve seen an exponential growth of pregnancy crisis centers.

iPledge allegiance to irony

The FDA does not allow women who are capable of becoming pregnant to take a powerful acne drug, Isotretinoin (Accutane), without jumping through stringent hoops.

For example, two negative pregnancy tests must be forthcoming before you can even think about getting a prescription.

After delivering your two negative sticks, entering your name in the iPledge database, promising to use two forms of birth control while¬†acknowledging that taking this prescription can cause birth defects (if the two forms of birth control or enjoying periods of abstinence doesn’t work),¬†and admitting that thoughts of suicide are due to the ingested drugs, not the state of our culture, you get to have magazine skin.

The FDA has claimed that its program has produced no pregnancies (starting late December 2005 until late March 2006). Mandating that women take two kinds of birth control in order to consume a cosmetic drug is sadly ironic in our culture of shrinking choices. To be fair, this is the same agency that regulates tampons as medical devices.

Demanding such extraordinary corporeal policy while simultaneously shrinking women’s choices regarding their lives and bodies demonstrates the hypocrisy of a government that propagates “family values.”

This paternal ideology should be easy to spot, but like a bad pimple, it always seems to lie just beneath the observable skin. Alert the evangelistic – the FDA condones forced birth control! In fact this public policy acknowledges that in order to look good you need to be practicing safe sex. A rather radical notion in a state of controlled desires.