Spectrum of Choices

In the official government press release for Women’s History Month, George W. Bush proclaims, “Today, the United States of America remains a country that offers the greatest freedom on Earth and believes in the promise of all individuals.”

“The greatest freedom on Earth”
We only have one freedom?
To have any extra may result in confusion and mayhem.

I had a feeling South Dakota seceded from the Union.


On the surface the idea that men should have more choices in respect to reproduction is newsworthy. Male birth control options are limited. Comprehensive sex education (where you can hear it) is often aimed at women for obvious reasons.

On the other hand when the director of the National Center for Men, Mel Feit, states, “There’s such a spectrum of choice that women have – it’s her body, her pregnancy and she has the ultimate right to make decisions. I’m trying to find a way for a man also to have some say over decisions that affect his life profoundly.”

He is referring to the Center’s latest lawsuit (note the trademark) which argues that because a woman can choose to a) adopt b) abort or c) raise the child, the father should be able to have the option of denying financial support to the unintended offspring.

A spectrum of choice? With the most recent assault on women’s reproductive rights (I’m talking about you South Dakota, my birth state) to hide under the paper tiger of Roe v Wade isn’t a very well thought out legal strategy. Maybe men should start demanding choices in what happens in their lives, it just may catch on in a patriarchal society.


In a stunning announcement, the American Medical Association has warned about the dangers of spring break. Apparently a lot of drinking and sex happen during spring break. Women need to be careful. [insert finger wagging here]

But of course the fault lies with the out-of-control party attitude that many women (CNN labels them girls – maybe for their naivete?) have during this time of revelry. Men (boys) should suffer no ill will in their bid for the ultimate party experience.

After all, us women have a spectrum of choices should above referenced partying happen to result in conception of a life. If you’re an oppressed dude, you should have the choice of walking away, pockets full – which just happens to be the greatest freedom on Earth.


It’s International Women’s Day.
A day in a month of celebrations aimed at honoring our fellow sisters.

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