Autonomy, Christ, and Revolution

This morning on the Today Show, Katie Couric interviewed two young women that were “girl-cotting” Abercrombie & Fitch‘s t-shirts. It was early, I thought one of the t-shirts said, “Autonomy Tutor.” Instead it offensively read, “Anatomy Tutor.” One of the girls declared it was classist to pit blondes vs. brunettes.

Have you ever heard a better reason why Women’s Studies should be taught in high schools across this culturally barren land?


According to the website where you can purchase this delightful read (for only $14!):

“‘What you are while you are a girl, you will be when you become a woman.’ Somewhere within the recesses of every girl’s heart is the desire to act, and be treated, as a lady. But a true lady is more than just graceful and feminine; she has a Christ-centered character that regulates her inner thoughts and motives, as well as her outward graces. Originally published in 1850, extraordinarily practical wisdom is offered to young girls in the practice of developing womanly character. The girl’s equivalent to Thoughts for Young Men, this book is an excellent workbook for mothers and daughters and a must-read for every young lady-in-training! Paperback. 224 pgs.”

There is also a CD, Sleeping Beauty and the Five Questions, which lectures the father to “guard their daughter’s hearts at all costs.” Fathers are to protect their brides-to-be from “inappropriate romantic relationships” and remind their precocious offspring that God is preparing their sexy soulmate.


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