Batteries give Life to Inanimate Objects

Below is an email I received today from the good christian organization These people are dedicated to preserving compassionate christian conservative values. They hate women (not the one’s who abstain from unauthorized reproduction). Good pure folks.

Please send an email to Chairman Miller and tell him how you appreciate the fact that abortion is legal and that’s none of his business. And don’t buy Interstate batteries.


Dear virginia,

On occasion, a company shows its commitment to faith and family values in such a way, it deserves to be thanked in a special way.

Interstate Batteries is such a company.

This fall, Interstate Batteries and Care Net have teamed up to launch “Charged for Life,” a new fundraising campaign to help support the work of pregnancy centers across the U.S. and Canada.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from the campaign’s battery sales (AAA, AA, 9-volt, hearing aid batteries, etc.) will go to support the work of Care Net pregnancy centers. Care Net is a faith-based organization that supports a network of 900 pregnancy centers.

To bolster support for the campaign, Interstate Batteries sponsored a special paint scheme this past weekend on its NASCAR #18 car, driven by championship driver Bobby Labonte.

But there are more reasons to appreciate Interstate Batteries. In addition to helping save unborn children:

  • The mission statement for the company starts with “To honor God…”
  • The company has a corporate Chaplaincy program that ministers to employees, vendors, and customers.
  • Chairman Miller serves as a board member for Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Seminary Foundation, and the Overseas Council.
  • Chairman Miller personally offers the plan of salvation to those who visit the company’s website.

Please take a moment to let Chairman Miller know how much you appreciate his company’s bold stand in helping protect unborn lives and for openly sharing his faith.

Click Here to Email Chairman Miller


Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman

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