sexuality is dead

Defining male sexualities. Why the sudden need to break down, categorize, and summarize? We had the emasculated metrosexual now we have the ubersexual male.

Repression and oppression create and destroy. When one is defined, one can be controlled.

Send me pictures of your closets.


Warning: This is a trap.

Conservatives don’t like Bush’s choice for Supreme Court?

The White House is spinning a lite Feminism 101. She is qualified. She is intelligent. She has never been married. She has chosen to not have children. She is an independent thinker. A modern woman.

She is his lapdog. She cuts brush with him at his fancy fake ranch. She rides expensive mountain bikes with him.

The average Jane does not get to hang out with the president of the united states of america unless they agree with and like the president of the united states of america. It’s about power, influence, and payback for services rendered.

Don’t say you didn’t know.

The dog and pony show

Bush nominated a woman to replace a woman on the Supreme Court.
Congratulations to Diversity!

We have been led to believe that having more women in positions of power means women overall benefit. We have been led to believe that if a few lucky (privileged) women break the ceiling, the stairway to heaven will be easier to climb. If only it were that easy. It is a matter of consciousness. If you are not aware that structural inequalities exist to allow some to be pulled up by their pumps, you will be of no benefit to the masses of women who struggle for their daily existence. There will always be ambitious privileged women in positions of power, the jury is still out on how that helps the rest of us.