Shrink to Fit

The lines we fought to fit will soon become our own. — Milemarker

A male veterinarian was recently appointed by Lester Crawford, acting director of the FDA, to oversee the Office of Women’s Health. Norris E. Alderson is an expert of animal science. A few hours later, the announcement was quietly revoked and Theresa Toigo was named the new acting director of Women’s Health.

The idea of a male veterinarian running the Office of Women’s Health seems both painfully absurd and sickly funny – an Onion headline. Fighting for positions of power, jockeying for privilege, destroying hard fought gains for ill-gotten compromise, the power nodules are eating themselves. Hillary Clinton actually believed that Lester Crawford would approve over the counter emergency contraception?


In a rumble that is sure to shake the very foundations of the struggling feminist movement, a group of privileged college women seek to challenge the feminist status quo.

The feminist as liberal-man-hating-child-killing-dyke status quo.

The Network of Enlightened Women (NEW) was established a year ago at the University of Virginia and seeks to foster the “education and leadership of conservative University women.”

They want to influence the women’s studies department’s “agenda” (last time I checked, most women’s studies department’s agendas were to stay viable) and introduce a persecuted conservative perspective that has been ignored on college campuses. The viewpoint of “a strong conservative woman” has been silenced for too long according to NEW.

Women like Ann Coulter?

Agness said. “The feminists are brainwashing us that their viewpoint is [the only] viewpoint, and this isn’t true.”

The group sponsors speakers such as Christina Hoff Sommers and Steven Rhoades. Sommers is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research and author of Who Stole Feminism? Sommers advocates for “equity” rather than “victim” feminism. Steven Rhoades is author of Taking Sex Differences Seriously, a book that claims scientific evidence supersedes the fluff of socially constructed gender roles. Denial of sexual differences has created a society of “fatherless families” and is even responsible for the sexual revolution!

NEW advocates that women’s success includes a home bustling with children and normative heterosexual relationships, something that eludes the feminist gestalt. Women should not assume that success equals the cold sterile boardroom of major corporations. NEW demands that the heterosexual couple raising the American Dream is not dead but instead should be heralded as ideal, or at least obtainable.

While there is a valid argument that academic feminism and liberal feminism lacks a diversified perspective, couching conservative ideology in the blanket of women’s lib is not “NEW.”

NEW and NOW are not very different. They both want to work within corrupt power structures that are designed to favor a certain group of people, which is not very enlightening or empowering.