Tampax is Fresh. How fresh? Their tampons have scented cardboard applicators and their ads smell too!

How do you market a product that is unnecessary? Manufacture a desire.

Tampax is marketing their “new” tampon with a cheeky scratch-and-sniff advertisement. The ad copy reads: “Beguile your senses. Succumb to the freshness.”

Deceive your senses and others around you. Now others will think you smell like roses during your monthly visit. Yield to your overwhelming desire to have a scented cardboard tube enter your forbidden zone and leave smelling as good as when it entered. Truly scandalous.

For some, these ads represent a way to ameliorate the constructed embarrassment that is inevitably associated with menstruation. Hide the offensive product in a ambiguous marketing campaign and no one need blush about a natural body process.

Smells fishy to me.

Gender Trouble

Chick-fil-A recently announced that their uniforms will now be “gender-specific.”

The tops will be tailored. The bottoms will be cut “with respect to gender.” There are optional accessories like caps and the always fashionable visor. No word yet on what accessory is specifically masculine or feminine.

Does this mean that lucky employees will be able to choose more feminine bottoms? More masculine tops? Perhaps a hybrid combination? What will the androgynous gender anarchist do? The gender binary will finally be dismantled!

The idea that fast food uniforms will be modeled after strict gender codes in order to sell more chicken is disturbing. Who determines how specific the gender-specific uniforms will be? Someone in the corporate offices of Chick-fil-A decided that this multi-million dollar investment would help the bottom line, boost profits, and increase the carnivorous demand for chicken and chicken-like food items. Someone who never worked behind the counter while masculine dudes order their chicken breast fillets while looking at your specific gender.

Rumor has it the old Chick-fil-A uniforms are already selling at inflated prices on eBay.

Life in the 90’s – So Much Hasn’t Changed

Until 1993, female senators had to run down to the first floor of the Capital building and stand in line with tourists in order to go to the bathroom.

Only 12 years have passed since female senators had to stand in line with their constituents sitting on the same seat as your grandmother, mother, aunt, and sisters.

So much respect – it’s enough to piss you off.

Deep Impact

The armies are amassing on both sides. The drum beat of cultural warfare resonates in the near distance. This is it. A Supreme Court Justice has put in her notice!

The talking heads gasp for stale recycled air as they move their mouths in static unison. If a million mouths exhale and inhale at the same time, would the direction of the wind change?

If we could only harness rhetoric as power life would be different. Baghdad would burn for other reasons.

There appears to be no escape from the enveloping cultural dark ages.

The buzzword of the week is framing – a simulacrum of spin.