The Hot New Occupation…

Stay-at-home-moms deserve to be paid at least a living wage for their invaluable services. One can only imagine the whirlwind ride this link has had today. The news traveled throughout the shadowy underground mom network validating what we all know as common sense – being a mom is damn hard work. conducted an informal survey which suggested that the average stay-at-home mom should be earning at least $130,00 a year.

While there should be more value and respect afforded to the stay-at-home mother, it should also be noted that it is a privilege that many women cannot maintain. What does the “working mother” (an inane definition of the mother who works outside the home – the classic divide and conquer linguistical battle that wages in our culture of values) hope to earn?

I’d better get my uterus fertilized before this mommy train ends.

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