Who wears pants in public?

Martha Stewart is in trouble again.

Apparently “work” is not defined as posing for Access Hollywood at a star-studded party.

The domestic diva continues to push debate on private vs public sphere. She alone could redefine what is and what is not work. The revolution may be televised after all.

Pattern Recognition

Bush said: “It’s important for people to know that I’m the president of everybody.”


The military is barred from recruiting anyone who takes the drug Ritalin, commonly prescribed for attention deficit disorder. That alone makes about 4% of all high school seniors ineligible for the military, according to a National Institute on Drug Abuse survey. The military also doesn’t take asthmatics, bed-wetters, or anyone with flat feet.


“I’m not a protester, and I don’t like protesting,” she says. “But I want to make a statement, to be a statement.” – protester outside Terry Shaivo’s hospice March 29, 2005


McDonald’s is 50 years old:

Jean Baudrillard said the Big Mac is “the degree zero of food.” A product ubiquitous to the point of invisibility.


The closest he or any of his fellow soldiers came to wearing ear protection was stuffing “squirrel tampons” (cigarette filters) into their ears.

Let There Be Flesh

The season of the flesh is upon us.

Construction workers line the streets, sometimes two men deep. They see you coming and they watch you go. The body is object and on display. Pale winter skin is normalized, except for the few that have planned for this exhibition during February’s cold winter days.

White collars, pink collars, and gold collars escape their climate controlled cubicles and corner offices for semi-fresh air.

Powersuits clash with white Nike sneakers. The power walkers pump their arms in caloric burning determination. The herds descend the sidewalks once barren except for those on errands.

The hotdog and sauerkraut breeze mixes nicely with the exhaust of overworked buses, construction monstrosities, and huddled smokers in shadowed corners.

The season of the flesh is upon us.