Slackers of the World Unite!

As Terri Schiavo dies in her hospice bed, the world rotates on its axis. Bombs explode in Iraq, Lebanon, and Minnesota. The GOP and Fortune 500 corporations feast on each others sugary morality. The culture is awash in life.

The Washington Post ran a story today about a trend that is sweeping the nation. Pharmacists’ rights are trumping the rights of consumers. In the hierarchy of personal freedom, who determines who is right? The pharmacist who refuses to prescribe birth control on grounds that it is murder or the married woman who has four children and can’t imagine having a fifth to care for?

If fascist personal belief is all it takes to get out of doing your job, sign me up. It’s the new slacker! The new slacker can claim strong personal belief in order to get out of doing their jobs! Brilliant. They would be the first to claim religious persecution. The first to run to the nipple of Freedom of Religion. The persecution paranoia is getting surreal. I think the liberals have been starving the lions in Hollywood. The giant football stadiums are empty right now. I smell a coup.

We have truly reached the saturation of the personal is political.

Personal vs. Private battles are saved for the Social Security debacle. The body politic is silently raped in the state and federal courts. What is left of personal autonomy is reserved for those who seek to monopolize the discourse on “life.”

It’s enough to make anyone feel blue.


It was a great honor to be an American woman on International Women’s Day in 2005.

Democrats restated their pro-women stance, the First Lady pondered the novel idea of a different kind of White House chef, and some women even received presents on this heralded holiday.

The post-feminist revolution has arrived. Unfortunately it was not televised. It should come as no surprise. Cowboys are not always catalysts.