Wag the Dog

The Kitten Moment:

The heartbroken Marine mom, Janet Norwood, lost her son in Iraq.

An Iraqi woman, Safia Taleb al-Suhail, who just voted in her first democratic election. Subplot: her father was killed by Saddam Hussein’s regime 11 years ago.

Marine mom sits behind Safia Taleb al-Suhail by sheer coincidence. (Never mind that Laura Bush invited Safia to the event and she is leader of the Iraqi Women’s Political Council. Safia was also signaled out during the President’s speech as a symbol for Iraqi freedom.)

Spontaneous embrace. Hug. Tears.

President Bush chokes back the tears but is steadfast and resolute in his determination for world peace/domination.



Purple is the new power color. Purple stained fingers are the sign of freedom, of victory.

It seems like only yesterday when the delegates at the Republican National Convention wore Purple Heart bandaids to ridicule John Kerry’s Vietnam service.

Purple ties and lavender dresses were worn by those in-the-know. Some even held up their own purple stained finger (an ink pad had been passed around as they entered the chamber).

How do you make purple? Combine blue and red. The Democrats are scrambling to become Republicans. Homogeny rules.

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