Feminist Reality

You must read Bitch Magazine. A fabulous and s-m-r-t magazine for the sophisticated feminist.

Case in Point:

Wendy Weiner’s expose about uber-reality shows such as Survivor, Colonial House, and Frontier House lack of reality is a must read.

What do these women do when they are menstruating? Despite the grand posturing of real life dramas and constructed challenges, the inherent lack of such bodily truisms makes for dull television. Imagine how much easier the plot would flow. Feminine hygiene products have all sorts of useful functions out on a tropical island. Wings were the greatest invention of the 20th century. At the very least, normalizing a real event in women’s lives could do us all some good.

Realistic portrayals of women would be nice too.
Other reality news: Germaine Greer has left the British Big Brother after only 5 days. Declaring the show “poisonous crap”, she left the “fascist prison.” As an underworked and unknown feminist, I would gladly take her place. Think of the book and movie deals….I’d be bigger than Gloria Steinem – maybe even bigger than Mary Magdalene .

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