Bloody Crusades

Tony Andrade, the very same person who was instrumental in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rise to political fame, is on a crusade. Limiting even the most basic corporeal information, Andrade desires a world where sex education is normalized to reflect only one heterogeneous ideology.

He seeks a ban on sex education from kindergarten until 6th grade. Most sex education, including menstrual education, begins in 5th grade. Students who are older must get written parental notification for each deviant lecture.

The nightmare goes something like this: Girls learning about menstruation construct false sexualized narratives regarding their newfound precocious sexuality. Some are smart enough to discover where babies really come from and *gasp* how they are produced! Fornication and lust driven behavior surely will follow – some even like it!

Boys discover that their bodily changes and hormonal lusts are easy targets for trolling gay recruiters.

Logic supports that educating children about their bodies leads to overwhelming sexual desires, which in turn leads directly to immorality. Ultimately, the moral fabric of society is unrecognizable.

I wish I could have had the sex education classes that Mr. Andrade was taught. His version is much more interesting that the vanilla penis/vagina model I grew up with. Knowledge of the flesh is truly a dangerous suggestion.

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